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Corporation worldwide struggle with the huge amounts of paper circulated throughout the office and then hand routed, mailed, stored, or eventually lost. With the introduction of digital copiers (virtually all copiers that are sold today are digital and offer document scanning and network capabilities), your old office copier has been reborn as a document imaging distribution center. This center can transform the way you share, distribute, and store critical business documents and at the same time eliminate your faxing, overnight delivery, and document storage costs.

Solutions multifunctional systems and software are used in a broad range of industries and organizations. Solutions customers are able to easily integrate paper documents into their electronic workflows and take advantage of the added benefits of document security, traceability, simple IT administration, and customization to reduce transaction costs, speed document delivery, and maximize employee productivity. The ultimate goal being a paperless office!

Whatever your industry, Solutions offers a document imaging solution that will deliver these benefits to your organization.

Some examples from industries that use Paperless Solutions:
Insurance Banking Telecom
Legal Manufacturing Construction
Financial/Mortgage Healthcare Hospitality
Why a Corporate should Digitize?
Efficient Knowledge Management: Manage and control all corporate information with digital compliance systems by transforming paper documents into electronic files.
Data Archival Automation: Securely archive and associate docs with transaction records using application connectors and integration tools.
Data Security: Stop unauthorized viewing, printing, or editing of paper documents by applying document security and encrypting PDF.
Access Control: Maintain user accountability by authenticating access and maintaining audit trails.
Data Integrity: Ensure the integrity of your information archives.

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