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Since the emergence of digital printing the market has changed rapidly. Prices in offset printing came down and capacities have grown. While this market is stalling, new technologies are grabbing market share and develop quickly. The digital print shop can print most jobs quicker and cheaper. But it is always a good idea to switch from offset to digital? And when do you really need to retain offset?
In-house print rooms vs. Outsourced Partner
Large corporations running in-house print rooms and can provide internal and external printing services. But they often end up delivering low quality work and tend to have their own service standards which are not related to the open market. What can you do to improve this and which work can you actually do in-house as opposed to the outsourced printer?
We are able to deliver the following among other services:
  • Free quotations on all materials to be printed
  • Pre-print evaluation for reprographic, digital or offset
  • Strategic advice on your workflow and cooperation with printers
  • Permanent management of the creative-to-printing-to-delivery chain
  • Analysis of your in-house print room in terms of suitability and quality
  • Measures to reduce costs on printing and reprographics
  • Technology updates for your marketing and creative departments
Print management is a sensitive issue. Many print buyers have got used to certain partners in the printing industry and are not open to change. Since printing generally involves tight deadlines, the marketing or creative departments want to work with printers who they can rely on. We have the know how for managing and improving print quality and delivery schedules.
The experience and contacts we have gained in the marketplace enable us to judge the best print equipment to meet your needs. We support marketing campaigns from creation of the file to distribution of the printed material. In this you will be surprised about our exceptional value-for-money price level.
We are the leading provider of print management services in the market who combines pre print, print and post print industry experience with open eyes and ears for emerging technologies and market solutions. Our expertise involving both traditional and new technologies ensures we are always on top of developments and translate them into the best offering for you. The question is not which technology will win or become standard. The question is whether you receive the best quality for the best available price.We support you in identifying your needs and suggest solutions. If you do not need offset quality why should you pay offset prices? And if you require top quality why should you accept copier or digital output?
Offsite Printing solutions work well for the following sectors:
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

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