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Customer-Centric Managed Print Services Consulting

At Solutions Documentation Services, we separate ourselves from the competition by genuinely focusing on our customers true needs. We achieve this through our Define, Measure & Optimize (DMO) analysis. In today is marketplace, manufacturers have significant market share and local dealers have a smaller footprint. This situation results in an increased need for consulting services as organizations are relying on equipment manufacturers to provide hardware and software recommendations for their fleet. At Solutions Documentation Services its all about the customer! Our hardware and software recommendations are not based on sales quotas or inventory turns. We have no horse in the race; its entirely about delivering whats right for our customers to deliver performance, efficiency and cost effective solutions. We are a local service provider with local experience and world class strategy execution, which allows us to provide superior recommendations at the conclusion of our DMO Analysis. We drive breakthrough performance by helping your company define/refine your fleet, then assisting your company in building new ways of working to execute on that plan.

Asking The Right Questions

  • How can your fleet be optimized to assure your organization is utilizing the latest technology and reducing your carbon footprint?

  • What important trends are impacting your fleet?

  • What are your organizations true needs from a hardware and software perspective?

  • How are your employees utilizing hardware and software solutions that exist in your current fleet?

  • How do the various manufacturers products compare and which manufacturer is best for your organization? Is more than one manufacturer a better solution for your organization?

  • What are the pain points for your employees and how are the issues with your current fleet impacting productivity?

These are only a few of the important questions you need to consider when evaluating your managed print service provider. Solutions Documentation Services can provide your organization with a thorough analysis of your fleet to answer all of these questions and more. The inherent value of our DMO analysis results in smarter decisions, significant cost savings, and efficient workflow.

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