Our industry wide exposure experience access to cutting edge technology and skilled work force ensures success in Onsite printing assignments. We do not just push the most high end and expensive technology for the sake of moving boxes, but judiciously recommend cost effective solutions as per the requirement. Re engineering of business processes and technology calls for market insight and business acumen which we have gained and gain continuously. Based on our industry know how we can compare your data with that of other businesses and can tell immediately if you are served well by your existing providers. Our benchmarking database contains valuable information on a wide variety of industries service sectors and company sizes. We can explain to you exactly where you stand on the comparative chart and where you should be.

Our benchmarking data is a qualitative reflection of the current market trends sourced from our customer base and research of diverse industry sources. Industry standards, equipment and service pricing your competition and all major suppliers form the essential parts of this most extensive and independent benchmarking database in the industry. We have worked with many large corporations and work closely with many of the major suppliers and manufacturers who we would expect to compete to provide you with the relevant products and services.

We appreciate the complexities of the Facilities Management model whereby a variety of products and services are sometimes provided by a single supplier. We conduct our audits in conjunction with many Facilities Management companies with much success.

We believe that we have accumulated the skills and expertise to support your business whether large or small to achieve a qualitative and value-for money solution for all the areas included in the scope of your reprographics.

We offer the following services in terms of the scope of our Audit and Review, including but not limited to the following activities:

Cost Assurance

Ensuring that your costs are competitive by conducting a benchmarking exercise across a range of competitors and similar organizations.

Quality Equipment

We deploy appropriate quality of reprographics and printing equipment to meet your qualitative and quantitative requirements.

SLA Reviews

Reviewing the Service Level Agreements in force and benchmarking these against similar organizations to ensure that the service levels being received are in line with or exceed similar organizations.

Print Strategy

We make the Print room strategy enhance and compliment the strategy deployed for Multi Function Floor Copiers and Laser printers as well as the overall Document strategy.

Audit and Review analysis

To achieve the objectives our proposal is to work with you to obtain visibility of data which will enable us to conduct a comprehensive Audit and Review analysis and commence working on proposals that will enable you to make informed decisions.

Central reprographics office technology and associated running costs can represent the third largest overhead after employees and real estate. Suppliers of equipment consumables paper and services hide the true pricing in complicated servicing contracts and obscure facts by technology and pricing variables. Decisions in this complex industry are made by busy procurement people and managers who do not have access to the latest industry benchmark data and technology developments. This information gap coupled with an astoundingly fast pace of technology advancement means that there is a reliance on hardware suppliers who are not independent to provide solutions. Together we can make a difference Let is combine our expertise. Solutions have a staff compliment with over 14 years combined office equipment expertise and we are not linked to any manufacturer or supplier.

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