Assessments & Optimization

There is a tremendous opportunity for business improvement that is largely untapped. Many industry experts consider it low hanging fruit for significant productivity gains and cost savings



Solutions Documentation Services measures and analyzes your current document production infrastructure to provide in-depth improvement plan for significant cost savings and efficiency increases. It helps you evaluate your business environment in granular detail  the exact costs of the ways you manage printing, copying, faxing, and scanning functions. We look for ways to:



Do you know how much time and money are tied up in your printing processes? Most companies dont. The ones we have helped have reduced their total printing costs by as much as 30%. Our managed print services make printing simple and easy, so you can concentrate on your core business. We use a comprehensive assessment based on proven efficient methodologies to see how your business prints. Then we look for ways to:

  • improve employee-to-device ratios
  • match printers with your business needs
  • reduce the number and types of devices and supplies
  • turn slow, paper-based processes (like routing and approvals) into automated, digital ones
  • remove unnecessary steps from your print process

We do not stop once we have put the ideal solution in place. We continually monitor your printing activity to see if we can save you more time and money.

If a printer breaks, or runs out of toner, its a huge source of frustration for employees. They have to stop what they are doing and try to the fix the problem. Or they call IT for help.

  • We take a proactive approach to printer management instead of a reactive one
  • Our managed print services cover devices regardless of manufacturer. This includes remotely monitoring them, replenishing their supplies and proactively fixing problems before employees ever know there is an issue.
  • Your employees can stop worrying about dealing with printers and instead work on other priorities, like improving customer satisfaction.

Each time you use printers, copiers or multifunction devices, you create images of the information you print. Those images are stored on your printers hard drive. Without the proper security measures in place, your companys information could get hacked. Its even more critical to protect your customers information so you comply with government regulations like HIPAA, etc. We put processes in place to help with security protocols and secure print practices across your business. We also certify every printing device at the correct, custom level of security for your organization. Through features like data encryption and image overwrite, our industry-leading multifunction printers ensure your information is transmitted securely across your entire print infrastructure.

From there, our Assessment outlines how you can achieve quantifiable and measurable year-over-year cost reductions, typically through our MPS Program. That could add up to hundreds of thousands of INR per year. Our Assessment team develops standardized footprints for optimal equipment placement and usability, simplifying facilities management and providing consistency for users. Our recommendations can eliminate ad hoc device purchasing and placement strategies that burden IT support staffs and Purchasing Departments and help you create a more efficient balance between paper and digital document systems.

Expanded Flexibility - Options

If a full Managed Print Services Program is not an ideal fit, we can provide our MPS Program components la carte as well.

  • Fleet Management and monitoring software
  • Document workflow applications
  • Customized low cost SME Managed Print Services

Considering our Assessment & Optimization Services to uncover hidden cost.

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