At Solutions, partnering with our customers to assess needs, costs, processes and future expectations is a critical part of developing an effective document strategy.

What sets Solutions apart from the competition is our ability to integrate your corporate strategy with our document expertise and innovative technology to build a blueprint that can effectively address your total document spend without disrupting your core business functions.

Solutions offer a wide array of secure solutions to track and report the usage of printing/copying/scanning by the users to effectively manage the consumption patterns of the organization. It offers a great value of right usage at right time for inspection and audit at any given time of the day, week, month or a year.

Our secure Managed print solutions based on company access card or PIN based ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirement.If an organization does not possess the internal resources or expertise required to implement and manage its document strategy on its own Solutions can provide an incomparable level of service through the implementation of our world-class outsourcing methodology, Solution Service Excellence. This proven methodology combines best practices and world-class service levels enabling us to provide our customers with a better return on their investment.

How are we different?

The difference lies in the service delivery. In any organisation, cost and quality service plays a very pivotal role in determining the vendor selection. Since, the service through the used equipments is highly unorganised, it becomes very important for a customer to look for a right vendor to outsource its documentation services at a right price.

There are various areas of improvement for the unorganised service providers with used equipment.

For almost a decade now, the organised OEMs have been fighting a battle to score over the flourishing used equipment industry and they have their reasons to do so. However, in order to achieve the results they have made the genuine spares and consumable out of reach for the used equipment service providers, the rule is very simple, no genuine parts and consumable, poor service delivery and customers reach the market again to search for a better partner.

It has had mixed results as the used equipments service industry still thrives and has been growing at a faster pace.

Well coming back to the unorganised vendors in the used equipments industry. Since, both the genuine parts, supplies and efficient service delivery are highly interlinked, it also differentiates as to how the used equipment service providers can benefit from it.

Sadly, the answer is that the service providers have not been able to benefit as the OEMs make the cost of the said genuine parts and consumables beyond the unorganised vendors reach and surely they have their reasons for doing so. This leaves the used equipment industry in the hand of few who work with the trend rather than the actual on the ground requirements. Since, the local service providers do not have the international network and access to proven quality generic/oem vendors and buying from domestic OEM parts and consumables vendor makes them uncompetitive, its a road to nowhere.

However, with the opening up of web, information age and free trade, Solutions Documentation Services has taken a different path as we believe in doing the right thing. We have a young team with its learning from across the world to find out whats best for our business and how we can grow with in the required industry competitiveness. Our team has more than 17 years of industry experience and knows where competition shall lack local information and cost effective strategy implementation. We have been long here with our brick and mortar attitude and very well know where we are heading in time.With all the information that we have gathered up in all these years, we believe that the answer lies in information, knowledge and we are never late in acknowledging the change.

Many times customers ask us. How are we different with all other vendors supplying if not same but, similar kind of used equipments/technology.

It can be answered in three simple points:

    • Understanding the truth behind the Solutionsdocs service delivery, - Our back office operations, where we have an international network of vendors with direct communications and information exchange. We ask our vendors to supply us with our proven and tested cutting edge technology to provide unmatchable value to the customer

    • Genuine parts and consumables support is an integral part of our service delivery and since we assure our customers with high efficiency standards, this is one such requirement which is an integral part of our standardised quality process and efficient service delivery.

  • Time period of the consistent services rendered is important part of all said and done. In case the customer gets the value of what we offer we stay there long enough. Our average customer retention period has been staggering 8 yrs on an average and increasing .Moreover, if service delivery has been an issue for any discord, we can assure you, it is the last on our clients list.

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